Abnormal Intro

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Welcome to Baltimore where everybody knows somebody that knows you! 

Verse 1(EZE) 
In high school I wasn’t that cool, just cool enough to get by 
I played a lot of sports and kept my name outta gossip so I rarely ever got tried 
As far as females, bands a make em dance 
They wanted red bottoms so I didn’t stand a chance cause 
They could stunt and I couldn’t, show them the money when they asked like Cuba Gooding 
I saw a pattern as I was growing up 
The more success I had the less people showed up 
I guess they only multiplied my problems 
Subtracted them and I started adding dollars 
… I started adding dollars 

C'Mon man we know you wasn’t good in math 
Talking bout you adding dollars 
Do you even have a job? 
You probably still live with your mother 
With your small twin bed 
You know what I’m done talking about you 
I got better things to do 

Verse 2 (EZE) 
And they ask why you talk so proper, I guess I got it from my father 
Like sitting on a 20, you can bet your bottom dolla 
I stuck out like a swollen nose cause I refused to falla (Follow) 
The way my peers had grown accustomed to 
So the laughing and ridicule wasn’t nothing new 
I tried cursing in my verses, never quite fit 
And never been drunk in my life I only took a couple sips 
And I complain a lot but it’s mostly to myself 
Cause the man in the mirror has been my greatest help 
And for your info, this is just an into 
Abnormal Normality, readjust your mental 
… Just readjust your mental, imma make it simple 

This is why I don’t want you making music EZE 
Where the hell is the gun shots at? Why don’t we hear none of that 
How come you don’t have like barley any follows on Twitter? 
You a lame! 
What the hell happened to Pyron? 
Yeah and you still tryna make music 
Get outta here man! 
You don’t got no life man…