When you talk about proper beat selection to explosive rhymes, Ease Raps must be a perfectionist at that. His new project “Abnormal Normality” showcases a young MC with a mature lyrical style, dropping solid tracks with a variety of producers. You definitely see the heart and passion for pure lyricism, especially when you can paint pictures with rhymes.  Ease Raps wasn’t shy with the release either, since the project has 19 solid tracks.

It’s good to hear some fresh Hip Hop out the Baltimore area. With so much washed up rap coming out the DMV area these days, projects like “Abnormal Normality” keeps you in tune with real Hip Hop. – IRB


Ease Raps, the 22-year-old rhymer from Baltimore, Maryland began rapping at the tender age of thirteen. Now, with two mixtapes under his belt, he releases his debut full-length project by the name of Abnormal Normality. 
Ease takes "full length project" to new meanings with this nineteen track album. Though, many of the tracks are either bonuses, or skits inserted to the album. The skits do dilute the listening experience to a degree, but not to any extent that would justify labeling Abnormal Normality as a bad release.  In fact, Abnormal Normality is surprisingly solid, and Ease is genuinely a very good rapper.
Without any debate, Ease is a lyricist... Read the rest of the article here.